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Mars Rover Manipal is a team of students representing Manipal Institute of Technology in the University Rover Challenge, 2016 that is held every year in Utah Desert, U.S.A. As a new team into the URC Competition, MRM strives to bring cognizance also with a patriotic perspective- in order to instill national pride within the spectators of this unexplored sport. Striking past conventional barriers and inching towards with a passion to discover, MRM stands as a deemed effort with a clear target.


University Rover Challenge

The University Rover Challenge (URC) - 2016, is a premier robotics competition organized annually by Mars Society US during the summers at Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah, USA. The challenge is to build a next-generation Mars Rover capable of working alongside humans in future Martian colonies. The problem statement is designed to capture the complex system design requirements in such a scenario. We target the competition as a platform for us to hone our overall engineering skills in design and deployment of an Intelligent Rover System. The system can further be an effective tool for emulating a futuristic life on Mars. The previous problem statements of the competition encompassed mainly four operational tasks.

Sample Collection Task

Collect and analyse soil samples for characteristics indicating the presence of cyanobacteria

Astronaut Assistance Task

Locate astronauts in the field through the given GPS coordinates and deliver boxes, tools etc. to them

Equipment Servicing Task

Operate on an equipment panel board by flipping switches, plugging into sockets, tightening pipes etc.

Terrain Traversing Task

Travel through a specified path characterized by rough, uneven terrain. This highlights the typical task of a Mars Rover operating on a regular Martian day.

For more information, visit URC


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Our Team

  • Author image
    Atharva Gupta Team Leader

    One who likes both Electronics and Mechanics.
    Likes to watch a lot of TV shows and play Cricket.

  • Author image
    Ashish Goel Team Manager

    One who knows less about Technical stuff but
    the one who gets us the pertinent stuff, "MONEY”

  • Author image
    Aakash Goyal Electronics Team

    Any problem related to hardware, he is our guy. He is lazy but when time calls, he's there to give up everything he has, but not his sleep.

  • Author image
    Saurabh Kumar Mechanical Team

    He is our chassis and analysis guy. Likes to eat Belgian Chocolate Ice-cream.
    MRM is the best thing that happened in his life.

  • Author image
    Prashant Sagaokar Mechanical Team

    Our designer and manufacturing guy.
    The one because of whom no one takes “panga” with us!

  • Author image
    Srikar Vuppalanchi Electronics Team

    Our communication boy and the robot of our team.
    Speakes very less and likes to read a lot.

  • Author image
    Akhil Kavacheri Mechanical Team

    Our Robotic arm boy.
    Very curious boy and is interested in politics.

  • Author image
    Vaibhav Mani Electronics Team

    Our coding and software guy although doesn’t like it much.
    Can eat anything and as much as you give him.

  • Author image
    Akshay Saxena Mechanical Team

    He is our suspension guy and enjoys designing.
    He likes horror movies and gaming.



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