About Us

Mars Rover Manipal is a team of undergraduates representing Manipal University in Mars Society, USA's University Rover Challenge which is held annually at Mars Desert Research Station, U.S.A. MRM strives to bring cognizance also with a patriotic perspective- in order to instill national pride within the spectators of this unexplored sport. Striking past conventional barriers and inching towards with a passion to discover, MRM stands as a deemed effort with a clear target.

The mechanical team works on the wheels, suspension, chassis and robotic arm. Based on the problem statement provided by URC, design and analysis of each component in the rover is done and material and machining processes are selected as per the requirements. The suspension is a modified rocker bogie, capable of crossing a 800mm deep ditch. The chassis implements a K-structure to provide stiffness and rigidity to the rover. The robotic arm is a 6 DOF articulated arm, which uses a combination of linear actuators and positive drive trains to provide required torque to lift a 5kg object at a high speed to complete the tasks before time. Composite materials will be implemented in the rover an upgrade over conventional isotropic materials.
The electronics team is responsible for the control of the rover, power management, camera and communication, with the base station and sensor interfacing & data acquisition. Lithium Polymer batteries are used to power the rover, proficient motor drivers for controlling the motors. Live feed is hauled from multiple cameras and the rover is controlled wirelessly using a laptop or joystick in non-line of sight over a range of 1 km. The current iteration of the team is developing application specific motor drivers, DC-DC converters and modular PCBs. The new iteration of the rover will be autonomous up to a certain degree.
The Science Cache team is responsible for soil sample analysis. On field the best possible soil for laboratory analysis is chosen based on data acquired from sensors. At the test station the team has to perform suitable tests on soil to determine Geological, Biological and Chemical properties of soil and determine the viability of the sample to investigate the possibility of life. The main goal is to find search for past- present - life and future possibility to support life.
The management team at Mars Rover Manipal handles the tasks related to sponsorship, marketing, publicity and social media. We are also responsible for the smooth functioning of the team events.

What's New?

We are amongst the thirty six selected teams for University Rover Challenge in USA.