Indian Rover Challenge

Indian Rover Challenge is a robotics and space exploration based competition to ignite and encourage the spirit of innovation amongst young engineers. An edition of the rover challenge series by the Mars Society,IRC is the first of its kind competition in Asia. The participating teams design and build a Martian rover prototype and use that rover to compete in various tasks at a designated location.
Mars Rover Manipal participated in IRC 2018 along with teams from all over Asia. The event was organized by ISTE VIT and Creative Labs at Vellore Insitute of Technology, Vellore from 6th January to 8th January. Mars Rover Manipal perfromed very well and were declared winners with a final score of 616 points out of 760. The team beat the second closest opponent by a margin of 129 points.

The problem statement mainly encompassed of four operational tasks.


Obtain three samples of soil from different locations selected by the organizers.


Demonstrate rovers ability to operate electrical rack units in different positions.


Pick up and deliver a part to a destination and put it in the correct orientation, then return to a start line and deliver a report.


Search for hidden objects and return them one by one to a start line while competing against another team trying to do the same.