University Rover Challenge

The University Rover Challenge is a premier robotics competition organized annually by the Mars Society USA during summer at Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah, USA. The challenge is to build a next-generation Mars Rover capable of working alongside humans in future Martian colonies. Each edition of the competition has a problem statement. The problem statement is designed to capture the complex system design requirements in such a scenario. We target the competition as a platform for us to hone our overall engineering skills in design and deployment of an Intelligent Rover System. The system can further be an effective tool for emulating a futuristic life on Mars.

The problem statement mainly encompasses four operational tasks.

Autonomous Traversal

Autonomous traversal of the rover on a rough, uneven terrain, based on a set of GPS coordinates. This highlights the typical task of a Mars Rover operating on a regular Martian day

Extreme Retrieval and Delivery

Pick up and deliver objects in the field, and deliver assistance to astronauts, all while traversing a wide variety of terrain.

Science Mission

Conduct in situ analysis of the environment, including life-detection testing of samples.

Equipment Servicing

Perform several dexterous operations on a mock-up equipment system.