University Rover Challenge

The University Rover Challenge, is a premier robotics competition organized annually by Mars Society US during summer at Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah, USA. The challenge is to build a next-generation Mars Rover capable of working alongside humans in future Martian colonies. Each edition of the competition has a problem statement. The problem statement is designed to capture the complex system design requirements in such a scenario. We target the competition as a platform for us to hone our overall engineering skills in design and deployment of an Intelligent Rover System. The system can further be an effective tool for emulating a futuristic life on Mars.

The problem statement mainly encompasses four operational tasks.

autonomous traversal icon

Autonomous Traversal

Autonomous traversal of a rough, uneven terrain, based on a set of gps coordinates. This highlights the typical task of a Mars Rover operating on a regular Martian day

extreme retreival and delivery icon

Extreme Retreival and Delivery

Locate astronauts in the field through the given GPS coordinates and deliver boxes, tools etc. to them, while traversing rough terrain.

science cache task icon

Science Cache

Collect and analyse soil samples for characteristics indicating the presence of life.

extreme retreival and delivery icon

Extreme Retreival and Delivery

Operate on an equipment panel board by flipping switches, plugging sockets, tightening pipes etc.